A walk in faith….

I feel as though I have been here before. Oh, wait, I have. I cannot count the number of times I have re-written this blog. Some times it has been my own choice. Other times, it was due to a technological catastrophe. Nevertheless, I have been here before. Now, I ask myself, “Where do I go from here?”. I do not know if I have that answer. This time, I feel as though I want to go on the journey without a map, without a plan. I just want to hit the road and see where it takes me.
I have been faced with a lot of changes and uncertainties lately. I took on a job that is temporary. It is with the hope that it does become permanent. I actually really like what I am doing. It does not have any thing directly to do with this kind of cooking and or writing. It does lay the groundwork for my own personal future plans. Those plans involve teaching. So this uncertainty is a good thing. Our most recent vehicle died on us a few weeks ago. We have been existing on one vehicle (my son’s) for the time being. We have yet to find a solution for a new vehicle for us as family. So, there is another uncertainty. Finally, we as a country are faced with one of the most wretched elections to date. That is a lot of uncertainty.
So where do I turn next? Well, faith is a big part of it. I have returned to that. So that is a good outcome in everything. I find that I need something else to keep my mind occupied. That is where all of this blog, Irish/British cooking, reading, writing stuff comes in. It is my escape into my own world. It is my port in the storm. It is where I connect with my faith through the talents I have received. It is what makes me feel rejuvenated, to take on the craziness around me.
Many people have hobbies. This happens to be mine. I have, for too long, dabbled. Now, it is time to go a bit further. I have, for too long, allowed it to be something that I could do occasionally, when I felt like it. Now, I want to be more committed. I want this hobby to be more than something I do when I am bored. As I have written previously in different incarnations of this blog, my main focus of the blog was to be a written “journal” of the recipes that I originally produced when I worked at the Irish restaurant. As it evolved from format to format, it became more than that. I originally wanted it to be a place to share the foods that I made for the clientele that I loved serving. It was a form of therapy when I first severed ties with the restaurant. I wanted to preserve for myself, how it was when I was there. It took a long time to come to terms with the fact that it was going to be different. Now, I feel so much better about it. Then, I did not. It was such a part of my everyday life. It was a huge part of who I was. It was deeply a part of my fabric. I do not know if anyone will ever understand how much it meant to me. It meant so much, that I knew it was time to pull up stakes and move on. I could foresee the direction it was headed. I am happy. They are happy. That is all that matters. As a result of the seven years that I spent there, I fell in love with this type of food, its history, and the authenticity of it.
Here I am today. I am starting all over again. There are things that I have written about that have been lost indefinitely. Some of those things I will research and make again. I will write about them differently this time around. There are many things that I have made and never took the time to write about. Now is the time to preserve them as well.
I was always “stuck” on a certain format for this blog. In my head it needed to be a text and a correlating recipe. I no longer feel locked into that format. Some days it will be that way. Other days it might just be a photo and a brief description. Still, other days it might just be some thing altogether different. As much as I love structure and continuity, I need to expand. I need to let creativity push forward and let my enjoyment of this food express itself however it may on any given day.
As always, I welcome anyone and everyone to come along on this journey. I know not everyone is interested in this type of cookery. That is fine. It is mainly here for me to enjoy. It is here for me to express myself. Most importantly it is here to accompany me on my walk in faith.