Getting Myself Into a Pickle….A Ploughman’s Pickle

So, some time has passed since my last post. A lot of things have changed since then. I attempted to venture into the world of teaching in a higher education format. I wanted to do this for a long time. It did not work out the way I had hoped. The best thing was that I learned a lot about myself through the experience. I learned that even though there is something we have always wanted to do; it does not mean we should. That is to say, I would still pursue teaching, but on a recreational level instead. Maybe this style of teaching, writing and sharing information is the way I should go. I am not really sure. None of it is a loss though. I have no regrets. I spent a good amount of time reflecting on the long-term goals, and that is good.

For now, I need to do more here. I have been working on our first video tirelessly. When I was at the restaurant, I researched and taught myself how to make our own version of Branston Pickle. To avoid and infringements etc….it will hereby be known as Ploughman’s Pickle on this page. Nevertheless, I decided to make the pickle the topic of my first video. Hopefully, this first step will lead to a lot more. I want to make this project a big focus of my up and coming Lenten Season. I always look at Lent as New Year’s Resolutions (take 2). For those of us that did not get bettering ourselves right after the new year, this is our second chance to make things right. It is a chance to make things better.

I hope you all enjoy the time and hard work that went into creating this first project. It is far from perfect. I am proud of it though. I enjoyed doing it. It can only get better from here on in.  

Ploughman’s Pickle Video