The Hundred (day) Foot Journey.

My motivation has not been what I have hoped for lately. My Irish and British food expression has been in the dark. A friend and colleague (Silagh) recently committed to a 100-day challenge on her blog. After some thinking, I decided that this may just be the challenge that I need.

I have not been reading the books I want to read. I have not been writing the words that I want to write. I am stagnant. It is not that I dislike either of those things. I am just not able to be motivated.

Many moons ago I started reading the book, The Hundred-Foot Journey. I started and never finished. I have yet to watch the movie because I wanted to finish the book first. It has all of the elements of things I love. It has British and Indian culture, culinary themes, and food. What more could I want in a book?

With this challenge, I am committing myself to delve deeper into these things. So I am starting a hundred day challenge with the Hundred-Foot Journey. From there  I am tasking myself to write, photograph and or video for one hundred days. I am choosing 30 March as my starting date. By my calculations, one hundred days should conclude on my 47th birthday. If I am going to build myself up, I want it to be around some kind of a milestone. Granted, 47 years is nothing momentous. In the grand scheme of things, I will have just survived another trip around the sun. Hopefully, by committing to 100 days of producing some kind of content, it will become more habitual. That is my ultimate goal. I want this to be a more common occurrence that I post. 

This is the food that I love to make. This is the food that I love to read, write, and photograph about. This is the food that I want to share more. I already know that this is going to be a big struggle. Lent is only forty days. I can barely make it through that. Challenging myself one hundred days is a huge commitment. As I stated above, this will not all be writing. Each day will be some kind of expression of how I love this food. Some days might just be a photograph of something that inspires me and a few words why. 

As always, this is primarily for me. Anyone else who chooses to come along on this journey is always more than welcome. I am taking this journey without a map. I have no plan. Each day will be an inspiration and not something pre-thought out. Afterall, is that not how life is best? Living for the moment and taking it in as it happens? Here goes this one hundred day journey with the first foot……